Arielle Raycene, a financial advisor who grew up in New York City, enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. From early morning bike rides on off-road trails to lazy afternoons spent fishing on local lakes, Arielle has always enjoyed the endless wonders that nature has to offer each time she goes on a trip. Sometimes invigorating and sometimes relaxing, outdoor experiences are a great way to relieve stress and make the most of one’s free time.

One of Arielle’s earliest childhood memories is when her parents gifted her with her very first bike. As a child she typically pedaled through the streets of her own neighborhood in New York, but as she got older, she became interested in biking on mountain trails. Her first out-of-state excursion was at Acadia National Park in Maine during a trip with her friends. The park offers the best of both worlds: it provides challenging terrain to bike across, but it also provides serene sightseeing opportunities as bikers ride through the iconic Acadia landscape dotted with waterfalls and cliffs. Since then, Arielle has also ridden in a variety of other places that are mountain bike-friendly, many of them just a few hours away in upstate New York.

Arielle also enjoys spending time on the water, which is one of the most appealing activities for tri-state area locals and tourists alike. Over the years she has experienced both sides of the spectrum: she has spent peaceful days canoeing on pristine lakes, and she has also kayaked through choppy yet exhilarating whitewater rapids. With all of the natural sites that New York has to explore, Arielle is no stranger to day hiking as well.

Although she is a proud lifelong resident of New York, Arielle Raycene is always interested in learning more about the world around her. One of her fondest memories is when she backpacked through Europe shortly after graduating college. The unique historical landmarks and geographic oddities challenged her both intellectually and physically as she explored new areas and learned about their histories. Some of the best learning experiences she has had have come from historic trails, which tell stories of their scenic locations as well as of the monuments that mark them. Daily walking tours were also an easy way to spend some time outside without being too strenuous, and they offered unparalleled insights into their locations.

This blog will cover Arielle Raycene’s interest in outdoorsy activities in New York and beyond. Stay tuned!