During the cold winters of the month, it can be difficult to find activities that can be fun. Instead of sitting home and watching Netflix, you can go out and hit the slopes! Here are some reasons why skiing may even be a better workout than hitting the gym.

Skiing is more fun than hitting the gym

Going to the gym can make you feel like you are running on a hamster wheel. In order to stay consistent with your workouts, it is important that you do not get bored of them. Skiing can be a great way for you to have a very fun time while you are also getting a workout.

You will burn extra calories because of the cold
While you may complain that skiing is a sport that is cold, you will actually be burning calories just by sitting on the ski lift. Your body will work to keep itself warm and this will, in turn, help you burn calories.

The high altitude will make your lungs and heart work harder
Going to the top of a mountain is going to make your body work harder than if you were down in the city. With the high altitude comes added health benefits. The thinner air at a ski resort is going to force your heart and lungs to work harder. This will give you a great cardio workout that you would never be able to get at the gym.

Skiing helps you become more coordinated
Coordination is important for everyday life. If you look at the mechanics of skiing, your body really has to move in a unison motion. The more you ski, the more coordinated you will be. This can be important if you are ever to slip during your day to day activities. When you are more coordinated, it is easier to recover from these slips and avoid injuries. Being coordinated can help you excel in other sports, too. If you want to take your partner out for a night of dancing, the coordination you learned skiing can also help you on the dance floor.

You can create a workout catered to your skill level depending on the runs you choose
If you want to have an extremely intense workout on the mountain while you are skiing, there are steep runs called black diamonds that will help you get this workout. However, if you want a more laid back workout, you can stick to the blue squares and green circles. These are the runs that are designed for beginners.

Skiing engages many of your muscles at once
Full body workouts are one of the most effective ways to get an intense workout that will give you great results. When you are skiing, many of your muscles are working all at once. While at the gym, it is easy to focus on just one muscle group and forget the rest. This is why many avid skiers think that skiing is better than just hitting the gym.

These are just a few of the many reasons why skiing may be a better workout than hitting the gym. If you have never skied before, you should try this winter sport that you may end up loving.