The 2018 Winter Olympics are set to begin February 9th, which is just around the corner! I’m excited to watch some of my favorite sports and see the American athletes perform. Here’s a continuation of my last blog highlighting the different sports and who to watch from Team USA in PyeongChang, Korea in just a few days.

Ice Hockey
The NHL decided last April to barre it’s players from entering the games due to disputes between the International Olympic Committee and the league. But have no fear, the women’s team is still going to be there to compete against our rival, Canada.

Long Track Speed Skating
This sport is one of the U.S.’s strongest sports. Both the men’s and women’s teams are projected to take the podium this year. One of the most notable athletes, Brittany Bowe, is making her comeback this Olympic season after suffering a major concussion.

Erin Hamlin, a two-time world champion, is going to be the front-runner for Team USA in the Luge. We also have one of the youngest athletes to ever qualify for this sport, Tucker West. Tucker was just 18 when he qualified for the 2014 Olympics.

Nordic Combined
Team USA has great potential for winning medals in this sport. Bryan and Taylor, the Fletcher brothers from Steamboat Springs, CO, are the athletes to watch. New scoring guidelines are making their appearance this year so it’ll be interesting to watch!

Short Track Speed Skating
J.R. Celski, an Olympic medalist and world record holder, is leading Team USA’s men’s team this year. On the women’s team, Maame Biney is who will be the athlete to watch.

Athletes Matthew Antoine, John Daly, Nathan Crumpton, Annie O’Shea, and Katie Uhlaender are all working towards that gold this year in the Skeleton.

Ski Jumping
With this sport only making its appearance in 2014, there aren’t many athletes from Team USA that will be competing in the 2018 Olympics. If Sarah Hendrickson can come back from her MCL and ACL injuries, it’s believed that she could win a medal.

We all know that Shaun White has dominated this sport in the past, and we can count on seeing him again this year, but there’s a newcomer that’s making her mark in the 2018 games, Chloe Kim. The 17-year old from California is projected to dominate in the halfpipe event.