Have an insatiable thirst for travel? If so, these travel hotspots make a lovely addition to any bucket list.

A beautiful blend of mountainside landscape, lush greenery, and terrestrial wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is the first of its kind, spanning across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

The Grand Canyon sure upholds its title as one of the Seven Wonders with its ever-wonderful rocky terrain that can be explored via biking, hiking, and helicopter rides.

Marvel at eloquent Spanish artifacts and revel in the balmy breezes of Florida’s northeastern coast in none other than St. Augustine.

Oregon’s beautifully blue Crater Lake is a year-round marvel, offering summertime pleasantries, wintertime activities, and constant captivating appeal.

Coming in at an astonishing 52,485 acres, Mesa Verde National Park, located in Colorado, is a marriage of ancient cultures and archaeological sites.

Nestled under New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, Carlsbad Cavern offers a glimpse into the life of a cave dweller. Rich with dazzling mineral deposits, Carlsbad Cavern is a treasure trove of prehistoric wonders.

New York City thrives at the intersection of diversity and opportunity. Sink your teeth into America’s Big Apple and explore the ever-captivating skyscrapers, landmarks, and remarkably good eats.

Home to a myriad of museums, galleries, gardens, and the much vaunted National Zoo, The Smithsonian Institution, found in Washington D.C., offers bountiful experiences.

Rich with history, Tennessee’s Red Clay State Park delves into the abject horror of American history. Extending across 263 acres, Red Clay State Park houses the memories of those who suffered the Trail of Tears.

Christened the “Creative City,” the Santa Fe Art Colony exemplifies the true essence of individuality, offering 250 galleries with numerous artists to boot.

Paying homage to Missippi’s ancient culture, the Cahokia Mounds, located in Illinois, contains vestiges from pre-Columbian North America.

A necessary reminder of America’s troubling past, Selma, Alabama is home to many landmarks from the civil rights movement, including the National Voting Rights Museum and the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Coast along California’s periphery while traveling Highway One. This 655.8-mile road boasts dazzling sites inherent to the Golden State’s coastline.

The French Quarter of New Orleans is beloved for its many quirky qualities, including unique architecture and the ever-vivacious Bourbon Street.

The effortlessly beautiful Hawaii is also multifaceted, offering tropical scenery, outdoor recreation, and volcano sightseeing.